Five Skincare Procedures For Every Hot Tub User

by James Aphu

If you own a hot tub such as the Balboa hot tub, you may begin to experience dry skin after every use, especially if you have overly sensitive skin. In case you constantly experience this, it’s important to know that you need to introduce an ideal skincare procedure. Doing this will prevent your skin from losing its hydration to chemicals or high temperatures.

Since sanitizing chemicals are necessary to get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms that may appear in hot tubs, you must take your skincare process seriously.

Skincare Tips for Every Hot Tub User

1. Drink Lots of Water

The skin as an organ can only thrive properly if the intake of what is high. That’s why you should endeavor to stay hydrated as it will help you to effectively combat some of the dehydrating outcomes of a hot tub. Also, while you’re in the hot tub, ensure that you don’t consume alcoholic drinks and beverages. That’s because they can contribute to the negative effects of dehydration.

2. Use lip Balms/Moisturizers

When it comes to a skincare routine, people tend to forget about the lips. Unlike the other parts of the body, the lips tend to get rapidly chapped. They don’t consist of oil glands.

When looking for a lip balm or moisturizer, you should opt for ones that contain humectants, glycerin, or other water-based emollients. That’s because they can properly absorb moisture and cause your lips to attain a healthy, plump appearance. Ensure to avoid fragrance-based products as they may cause more harm than good.

3. Rinse and Dry.

After everybody soaks in a hot tub, ensure to rinse off your skin in the shower. This is done to get rid of every residue. After this, you can use a towel to pay to try for at least 20 seconds. Avoid rubbing, as this can cause irritation to your dry skin and worsen its current state.

4. Always Exfoliate

The main importance of exfoliation is to remove the number of dead skin cells on your body. If you don’t exfoliate as often as you should, the dead cells may accumulate, and thus makes it harder for your skin to contain moisture.

During exfoliation, avoid scrubbing too roughly. A better alternative would be salt or sugar scrub, because they are natural, hence the reason why most people use them to exfoliate. Ensure to apply lightly on your body during shower time, and rinse.

5. Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizers are needed to trap moisture into the skin. You can use a thick one for better results. Petroleum jelly, she’s butter, or ceramides are simply body moisturizers that will help you get back your skin to the position.


Finally, if you’re on medications, do everything you can to avoid hot tubs as this may cause drowsiness. Ideally, you can consult your health care provider to help you make better decisions. This article discusses exactly what you should do to ensure that your skin remains on track while you use a hot tub.

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