Three Different Types of Cable Connectors Everyone Should Know

by James Aphu

A cable connector is defined as a component attached at the ending part of the cable. It permits you to attach the cable with any port. The cable connectors are usually classified into two genders:

  • The male cable connectors

These usually have either one or many exposed pins.

  • The female cable connectors

These connectors contain the holes needed to place in the male pins.

Types of cable connectors

Cable connectors are usually categorized into three main types based on their unique structures and functions. At, you can get each type of high-quality cable connector. These are:

  • Coaxial Cable Connectors
  • Twisted Pair Cable Connectors
  • Fiber-Optic Cable Connectors

Coaxial Cable Connectors

Coaxial cable connectors are employed to attach cables to other devices. These are particularly manufactured to sustain the shielding on the cable. These connectors provide consistent, long-term connections.

Coaxial cable connectors are further classified into three different categories:

  • BNC Connector
  • N-Series Coaxial Connectors
  • F-Series Coaxial Connectors
  • BNC Connector

The BNC connector

BNC stands for Bayonet Neil–Concelman connector. This connector is very elastic, most appropriate for regular connection and disconnection applications. Carl Concelman and Paul Neil discovered it. It is a very exceptional connector.

This connector comes with a central conductor and a ferrule linked to the external jacket of the cable. The BNC connector has a rotating collar that permits you to attach with any kind of coaxial cable or female connector strongly.

N-Series Coaxial Connectors

N-Series coaxial connectors look like F-Series coaxial connectors with some variations. The main distinction is that this connector also possesses one weather-resistant pin above the central conductor. These are appropriate for coarse use during outside purposes.

F-Series Coaxial Connectors

These are employed for connection purposes. These connectors offer solid and long-lasting connections. These are highly recommended for installing:

  • Satellites
  • cable television
  • Home cameras

The vital components of this connector include:

  • Threaded collar
  • Central protruding conductor
  • Outer jacket covered with a ferrule

Twisted Pair Cable Connectors  

These are employed with unshielded twisted pair connectors and screened twisted pair connectors. These connectors usually come with modular jacks and plugs. It has an asymmetrical design. It can be utilized with different kinds of cables. It possesses a distinctive shape, comprising pins, tabs, and slots. They come in different widths with four, six, and eight configurations.

These are employed for:

  • Cable television wiring
  • Telephone connections

Fiber-Optic Cable Connectors

Most kinds of cable connectors are appropriate for male connectors. The fiber-optic cable connectors are employed in different ways, such as bayonet, screw-on, and snap-in. It is employed for transmission purposes. The fiber-optic cable connectors come in duplex and simplex designs.

Some different types of Fiber-optic cable connectors are as follow:

MT-RJ Connectors

It is a duplex-style cable connector. They are equipped with manifold bins for improved alignment and enclose both fibers within the polymer ferrule. It comes in both female and male versions.

SC Connectors

These are also known as snap-in connectors. These are extremely employed due to their outstanding performance. The ferrule of the SC connectors is approximately 2.5mm ferrule.

ST Connectors

It has a 2.5mm symmetrical ferrule and bayonet mount. These are also referred to as spring-loaded connectors. These are very well-liked and extremely employed in the applications of multimode networking systems.

FC Connectors

FC cable connectors are highly recommended single-mode connectors. Similar to SC connectors, it also comes with a 2.5mm ferrule.


Cable connectors are essential for connecting a network connection to your device. Besides networking, it can also be used for various purposes. If you want to take full advantage of these cable connectors, you must buy them from Cakeycn.

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