Pressure Washer Fittings Make Cleaning Faster and Easier

by James Aphu

Pressure washer fittings have made it simple than ever to cut down on cleaning time. Employers will enjoy better working conditions and be more productive because of using the appropriate equipment accessories. Our experts from have suggested some of the most typical pressure cleaner parts for commercial cleaning include the following:

Choosing The Right Nozzle For Your Needs

When choosing a pressure cleaner, nozzles are sometimes overlooked as an important consideration. The nozzle at the end of your pressure cleaning wand determines how much of a fan you get in the spray, as well as how hard the spray strikes.

The thickness and power of a spray can be affected by the nozzle’s spray pattern. A 40-Degree nozzle, for example, sprays a flat mist at around a 40-Degree. Also available are the 25-Degree, 15-Degree, and 0-Degree nozzles. Operators should be warned of the nozzle’s 0o position since it can penetrate the wood and cause damage.

It is possible to change the spray direction from 0-Degree to 40-Degree by bending the nozzle itself, despite of replacing the entire nozzle set. You do not have to stop and change nozzles while using this pressure cleaner accessory.

It is common practice to use rotary nozzles as pressure washer components because they combine the power of an impact nozzle with the fan exposure of a 25-Degree nozzle (thanks to the water-propelled rotating action). Rotating nozzles provide a more thorough and quicker clean.

Dual Lance (Adjustable Pressure Wands)

Multi-Reg lances are identical to dual lances in that they are used in conjunction with more powerful machinery.

This type of lance can be used to spray chemicals and then clean them away with a different nozzle at the same time, making it a useful tool for cleaning and decontamination. As before, these are a massive time saver.

Surface Cleaner Accessory

In order to speed up the cleaning process, you can use a surface cleaner in conjunction with either a cool water pressure washer. Driveways, parking places, warehouse surfaces, tennis courts, decks, and any other smooth surface may be cleaned with surface cleaners, which are great pressure washer components.

Based on the model, surface cleaners resemble floor sweepers or lawnmowers. They allow you to “mow” a linear route instead of sweeping backward and forward like a pressure cleaner wand. Consider the potential surface cleaner that saves time and reduces user tiredness, for effortless work and noticeable cleanliness.

Foamers Features

Chemical cleaning times can be sped up by using a foamer with a cold-water unit. Using a foamer, you can generate a snow-like foam layer on top of the chemical so that it has time to react with the dust or filth beneath the surface.

Hose Reels Features

Hose reels can be connected to a wall or attached to a pressure cleaner for flexible use. They prolong the life of your hose by maintaining it off the ground and away from dirt and filth while cleaning; they keep it from being run over by vehicles while cleaning; and they allow you to swiftly reel in the hose afterward washing, speeding up the process and avoiding kinks.

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