Everything about Braidless Sew-Ins

by James Aphu

Traditional extensions require braiding your natural hair so that the extensions may adhere above. Cornfields not only strain your scalp but may also limit the natural growth of your hair.

Therefore, the experts thought of a way to go painless and adhesion-free while keeping the attraction of a voluminous look intact. Below is a braidless sew in guide that elaborates the benefits and the process in the easiest way possible.

How does It work?

Being a relatively new concept in the hair industry. Many users struggle to understand the fundamental difference between a braided and a braid-less sew-in. It’s nothing but the installation technique.

First, the stylist splits your hair into small sections. Using a looping tool, he beads in the micro link. Then, the beads are moved closer to the root with hair pliers. Once at the desired position, he presses the micro link to attach securely to the hair section. Lastly, the weave is sewn atop.

Pros of Braidless Sew-Ins

Before you go to the saloon and grab any of the styles, it’s better to look at some pros and cons.

Quicker Installation

Since the method requires no tapes or braids, the installation is swift compared to the braided ones. You won’t have to spare loads of time or schedule a day for the installation. You will have a new enchanting look in less than 2 hours!


Braidless sew-ins have an unprecedented capacity to blend with all hair types. Whether you have silky smooth or beachy curls, the extensions will blend in, giving the most natural look. Silkier hair faces trouble in braided sew-ins (the braids become undone quickly).

However, you don’t have to worry about your hair’s smoothness or coarseness with the braid-less method.


Braiding your natural hair to install a weave strains your scalp. Resultantly making the installation uncomfortable. However, the braid-less sew-in technique puts no stress on your hair follicles. Your hair grows easily as there is no constant pulling to keep a weave intact.

Easier To Maintain

As the hair, remain free from any sort of tugs or pulls. They grow naturally. You can easily reuse the weave after undergoing 6 to 8 weeks of growth. Hence, it is easier to maintain your glamorous look.

The Cons of Braidless Sew-Ins

Although, the benefits are more than enough for you to go with the method. But, knowing both sides of the story is a good thing.

Don’t Work For Thin Hair

Micro links are attached to your natural hair. Therefore, a thin hair section may not be able to hold the weave in place.

Regular Upkeep May Result In More Expense

Micro links tend to become loose after a while. Fixing them requires a hairstylist and is naturally more expensive.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Braidless Sew-In Weaves

Getting the extension in your hair is one thing, and maintaining it is another. Here are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure that your braid-less sew-in weave keeps its shine.

  • Practice a Good Wash: Don’t wash your hair after getting back from the saloon. Wait for 2-3 days before washing so that your hair settles well. Shampoo your hair in a top-down fashion to keep it from tangling. You can also use a conditioner but apply it only midway to the root and rinse as any applications on the roots risk loosening or falling out.
  • Brush Gently: Brush your hair 2 to 3 times a day. Avoid pulling or tugging else; it may cause breakage. Use a soft bristle brush and work your way from ends to root.
  • Avoid Open Or Wet Hair In Bed: When sleeping, tie your hair extensions in a loose braid to keep them from tangling. Sleeping with wet hair causes matting and breakage.
  • Avoid Overdoing Heat: Heat damages the extensions just as it damages your natural hair. Hence, use an adequate amount and don’t overdo it.

Final Thoughts

The braid-less sew-in extensions are a great solution for people looking for a lightweight and comfortable hair volume. Their ability to naturally blend and work with all hair types has made them a lifesaver. But, there are some minor downsides as well. Other than that, you are good to go beautiful, painlessly!

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