Three benefits of a retractable cord reel

by James Aphu

Picture yourself walking into a room. It should preferably be your garage or office. Imagine this room has a lot of electrical equipment that you often use. In the office, it could be a printer, fax machine, a computing set, etc. In the garage, you might have various electrical power tools that you use for different purposes. What is peculiar about this analogy? It is a fact that these rooms would most likely be a mess because of the electrical cables that would lie all over the place. Spaces become challenging to work in once there is a mental image of disorganization. That is where retractable cord reels come in. In this article, you will learn all about how vital retractable cord reels can be to you.

What are retractable cords?

The purpose of a retractable cord reel is to keep electric cables in place in an organized manner. As the name implies, it is a piece of engineering magic where a lengthy wire is wound around a suitable mount. It can be pulled out and retracted comfortably by the user. The mount is an integral part of their design. It is usually made so that users of this device can elegantly hinge them to walls or fix them firmly to the ground. They come in different grades and sizes, but one popular type is the premium-grade SJTOW.

Importance of Retractable Cord Reels

Retractable cord reels are beneficial to have around, and here is why:


Some may argue that this is perhaps the most fundamental reason anyone should keep a cord reel at home. They are incredibly beneficial to help keep the several lengths of cables running out of electrical devices looking neat and well-tucked away. Seeing electrical cables everywhere can take a mental toll, especially if you have a room with a lot of electrical appliances. Retractable cord reels make it so that you can wind and unwind those cables to prevent them from running loosely on the ground.


A retractable cord can save you thousands of dollars. Saying a retractable cord could save you that much money may appear like a bogus claim, but you would see it in the same light if you consider how one trip over an electrical cable is a potential recipe for bodily injury that could set you back a lot of money in medical expenses. Apart from harming yourself, you could potentially yank an expensive device off your desk, leaving you with no choice but to replace it.

Self-stop feature

Retractable cord reels are self-winding. Being self-winding is an intentional engineering feature to reel the cable back in whenever you pull it out. However, you can stop it from doing this with the self-stop feature that prevents the device from reeling in the cable when it is in use.


Suppose you have never tried retractable cord reels. In that case, hopefully, this article will convince you to give one a try. Hopefully, its quality will convince you to start using it wherever you need devices with large chunks of wire.

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