How to Clean Beauty Blenders

by James Aphu
How to Clean Beauty Blenders

How to Clean Beauty Blenders

How to clean beauty blenders is a question that has been asked by several people. The common factor needed for proper cleaning of this instrument is water and soap. Therefore, this is probably the first and the simplest way to clean your beauty blenders. You must carefully wash and dry the device so as to remove all the soap from the components. Rinse it well and then dry:

First, you have to rinse off the sponge or the blade of the beauty blender through the water of the sink. The soap present on the different parts of the gadget will stick onto the different parts of the sponges and thus they will not be able to move the other way. After rinsing it well, you can now wipe the soap away from the sponge. You can also use a sponge with holes in it and spin it very quickly against the other end of the sponges. This will cause the soap molecules to cling on the sponges and they will be washed away.

Second, after cleaning the soap off the body of the blender, you should dry it using a hair dryer on low heat. In this case, if the sponge already has dried, you can skip drying it and just pat it dry. If the sponge is still wet, just cover it with a clean piece of towel and let it dry naturally using air-dryers.

Third, you have to rinse off the liquid from the blender. Start squeezing and blotting the remaining liquid until you are left with just a bit of dryness. If you are unable to get the liquid out completely, then you can simply rinse the unit thoroughly with clean water and make sure that it is dry completely.

Fourth, rinse the soap off your beautyblender by using warm running water and a gentle bar soap. Rinse it off carefully to make sure that you are rinsing it off properly. Rinse it with the rest of the dish soap. The dish soap should be mild, but you have to make sure that it is gentle enough not to damage your blender’s skin. Then, dry the unit completely with clean water and then put it back into the dishwasher.

Fifth, repeat the steps mentioned above. Next time, you will just have to rinse off the soap again. Rinse the unit once more but make sure that the soap is completely removed. Then, you can rinse it again using hot water and a mild dish soap. Use the same steps as before but don’t rinse it for a full five minutes because this might ruin the soap.

Sixth, you can also clean your beautyblender using coconut oil. What you have to do is to apply coconut oil on the entire body or you can just rub the oil directly onto the blender. It works both ways, it can clean the dishwasher and it can clean your makeup tools. To make it last longer and make it easier to use, you can dip the bristles into the coconut oil and just brush them against the hair.

Lastly, you can use olive oil, a cotton sponge and your fingers to clean the other parts of the unit such as the wheels, spoons and brushes. You can also use a nylon sponge in place of a cotton bud. Just rub the sponges against the cleanser without applying too much pressure or too much cleansers because you don’t want to ruin the cleanser.

After that, you need to rinse the entire unit very well. If you love using makeup sponges then this step is easy for you. Just rinse it very well with warm water and your cleansing oil.

The last step is to thoroughly wash the blender in hot water. If you have very sensitive skin or any type of allergies, you should never wash it in regular soap. Never ever use an alkaline cleansing solution or an abrasive fabric softener. Use a very gentle shampoo and mild dishwasher detergent, if possible.

So there you go! How to clean beauty blenders really is pretty easy. You just need to know how to use it right. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best results. Just follow these tips and you will be good to go. Just make sure you always have your makeup brushes and sponges nearby!

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