Characteristics Of Malaysian Hair You Should Know About

by James Aphu

Malaysian hair is natural hair sourced from the natives of South-East Asia. It is one of the most famous and sought-after types of human hair. Malaysian human hair wigs are commonly worn by celebrities and several other wig and extension wearers. This post covers the characteristics of Malaysian hair and the reasons behind its popularity.

The characteristics of Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair features distinct characteristics which set it apart from other types of hair. The following are some of these characteristics;

1. Texture

One of the reasons why Malaysian hair is popular is that it features an impeccable soft texture. Its soft texture makes it easy to comb. It also makes it easy to maintain. However, its softness keeps it from holding curls for a long time, especially naturally straight. Hair experts argue that the sort and smooth texture of Malaysian hair are unmatched. It is also worth mentioning that its smoothness is usually not affected by how often you use the hair.

2. Curls

Malaysian hair is naturally wavy or curly. It also usually features a coarse and medium texture. This element is one of the reasons why it is popular, as it blends seamlessly with natural hair. This makes it appear real, especially if it is worn as a wig or extension. Additionally, the wavy form of the hair creates a bouncy and voluminous appearance, which many women adore. However, the market also features naturally straight or temporarily straightened Malaysian hair.

3. Take Note:

It is worth mentioning that Malaysian hair maintains its curls or waves even when it is wet. However, if the hair is naturally straight, it may not maintain curls for long as it is naturally soft.

4. Thickness

Malaysian hair is also known for its thickness. This makes it a great option for people who enjoy voluminous hair. The thickness of the hair increases when it is curled. However, it is not suitable for people that do not enjoy heavy hair.

5. Styling options

Another characteristic you should know about Malaysian hair is that it offers a wide range of styling options. This is especially the case with Straight Malaysian hair. You can curl it and style it as you wish.

Other characteristics

Other qualities of Malaysian hair you should understand are:

  • The hair features a natural luster and shine that is hard to ignore. This is an element that attracts buyers to the hair.
  • Malaysian hair features a heavy density. The density deters owners from washing it too often.
  • This air is also quite strong. This is especially true with virgin Malaysian hair, as it can be colored and heated without breaking. In simpler terms, the use of extreme treatments on Malaysian hair does not impact its quality.
  • Malaysian hair is naturally dark brown. However, there are a few lighter variants on the market.


Malaysian hair is often compared to Chinese hair. This is because it does not frizz or swell, as is the case with Indian hair. However, unlike Chinese hair, Malaysian hair is more expensive. This is primarily because of its incredible features, and it is relatively more curly and wavy.

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