Types of Photo Necklaces Available in The Market

by James Aphu

Photo necklaces or picture necklaces are used to carry pictures of yourself or a significant person in your life. Their trend has been there for several years but has gained popularity in recent years. They hold some memorable moments that can be passed down through the generations to come. You can place the photo inside a locket if it’s a locket necklace or have it engraved on a tag. For photo engraving and other jewelry types, check out Ineffabless(https://www.ineffabless.de/personalisierte-halsketten/kette-mit-bild.html) online company. In this extract, we discuss the different kinds of photo necklaces.

Different Kinds of Photo Necklaces

There are plenty of photo necklaces styles to choose from, such as;

1. Picture Lockets

Lockets are designed to hang from a chain and open up to provide space for picture placement. You can find them in shapes like hearts which are the most common, ovals, circles, squares, and boxes. The lockets also come in different styles, such as single frame or expandable lockets, and have a varying number of inserts meaning the number of photos each can hold differs. You can place any picture in the locket as long as it fits. If it’s too big, have it resized, then insert it.

2. Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog tags were famous in the military for showing honor and celebrating various personnel. The use of these pendants started in recent years to place pictures and since the tag is big, engraving a photo is easy. Their big size accommodates more images, names, and important messages. Most dog tags are usually square-shaped and have rounded corners, making them appear beautiful and stylish hence loved by many to store photos.

3. Custom Shaped Pendant Necklaces

These necklaces have pendants designed according to the client’s liking. They are personalized for you in whichever shape as long as you have the idea. Unlike in the previous years, where pendants were made in only two shapes: oval and heart, you can have them made to resemble a monument, your favorite pet, a landmark, or even dolls. You can also have a name or special messages like a prayer etched on the pendant to hold close to your heart whenever you wear it.

4. Line Drawing Picture Necklaces

These picture necklaces are the least known in the market. However, people are beginning to recognize them due to their unique appearance. A designer combines pictures and drawings to create one or more images of your choice. Either in hard or soft copy, the photo you choose is drawn and engraved on the necklace to represent the original picture.

However, the drawing is usually toned down in color, making it ideal for a simple and laid-back person or occasion. They make good gift pieces for kids because of the drawings. The drawing can resemble a cartoon character to attract the kid and make it a fun piece of jewelry.


Photo necklaces are personalized pieces that are unique, stylish, and can fit most looks. They are perfect gift accessories as they carry sentimental and emotional value and a sense of personal touch. Identify the style that matches your personality and provides enough space for your photos.

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