How Should You Take Care Of The Human Hair Wigs?

by James Aphu

Wigs could be a simple solution to change the style of your hair or a necessary element of your ensemble. It’s critical to take care of the human hair cheap wigs to maintain it in great form; the best way to do so is treating wigs like your natural hair is an excellent method to do so. You are saving your investment and ensuring that you look really good by investing effort and time into any wigs you buy.

A customised wig stand will enable you to style and manage the wigs as a hairstylist might with natural hair and can help with cleaning and grooming. This also serves as a solid foundation for the hair extensions to dry and maintain their form.

How Should You Take Care Of The Human Hair Wigs?

Here are some guidelines and tips you can follow to keep the maintenance of your human hair wigs.


Remove all tangled strands with a comb carefully. Beginning from the tips and then making your way to the root, carefully separate each strand with your fingertips. It will protect the wig from being damaged by additional twisting and strain throughout the washing process.


The most critical aspect of wig maintenance is your washing schedule. Washing the wig requires a bit more attention and care as compared to washing the human scalp, so take these simple steps to keep the wig looking fresh after each wash.

How often you should wash the wig is determined by multiple factors, particularly how many times you use it. A typical rule of thumb would be that it can be washed after 10 uses; however, it can differ.


Fill a sink with cold water and add about 1 tbsp of wig cleanser or shampoo. Soak your wig in it for 60 seconds, gently swirling it around.

With the help of your fingertips, clean it from extra sweat or oils. Wash the wig in cold water. Using a towel, carefully dry it.


It’s important to condition the wig once you are done shampooing it. Simply apply the small quantity of conditioner to your fingers and then gently rub it, being careful not to get any conditioner on the cap of the wig.

It’s crucial to prevent the cap of the wig, particularly with wigs that are hand-tied, as it might loosen the twisted pattern and result in loss of hair. Using cold water, thoroughly rinse.


Fill the washing sink with cool and clean water, soak the wig, then carefully massage till all the impurities have vanished.


Dry the wig with the towel once it has been cleaned and moisturised. The wig should not be rubbed, wrung, or twisted. Let the wig get completely dried overnight on a wig stand.


Let the hair air-dry for a few minutes before style it. It will be simpler for you, and your wigs hair are unlikely to tangle.


  • Before using, wash the wig and then style it.
  • The cap of the wig will be damaged if you rinse it with warm water.
  • Using the wig while sleeping, washing, or swimming is not advised.
  • To prevent twists or curls, keep the wigs on the wig stand.
  • To avoid damage, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet.
  • A skilled hairdresser must perform any trimming or hair treatments.


Wig maintenance takes time and effort, but after you’ve followed these guidelines, you’ll notice that your wigs lasting period increased, and it looks great. Take very good care of the hair extension or wigs in which you have invested, and look stunning.

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