Closure: What They Are and How to Maintain Them?

by James Aphu

While some ladies argue that getting an already made wig is the best, others maintain that it is more advantageous to get human hair bundles with closure. This way, you can easily get a personalized style.

Closures not only enhance the beauty of a human hair wig, but they also serve the function of protecting the hair to ensure durability. Unlike sew-ins and partial weaves, making a hair with closure ensures maximum protection because the hair is completely covered.

What Is a Closure?

Closures are complete coverage hair extensions that serve as a protective cover for your natural hair. They are usually added to wigs or sew-ins. Being linked to a base made of lace, it presents a scalp-like resemblance. So, when you wear a wig, it would look like your weave is growing out directly from your scalp.

Various Parts of a Closure

One good thing about closures is that they come in different parts and are therefore easy to style. The most popular parts are the side part and middle part.

Other than these, another popular type is the free part. Free part closure allows you to part your hair in different ways. For most people, the free part closure is considered the best because it doesn’t limit your options.

Different sizes of closure

When it comes to closure, size and dimension is a very important factor to consider while making purchases. Size here doesn’t mean the length rather it means the width of the base.

The difference in size is the major distinction between closure and frontals. Closure dimension usually includes 4″× 5″ or 4″× 4″ or 4″×3.5″ or 5″ ×5″, while that of frontals include 13″×4″, 13″× 5″, or 13″× 6″.

How to Adjust Your Closure Wig

After readjusting your hair to the desired style, getting the hair to relax in this new position can be quite a challenging task. To overcome this challenge, always wet your hair before readjusting it.

Readjusting a wet hair is often easier than readjusting a dry one. After readjusting, dry out the moisture to achieve your new look.

Another approach would be to part the hair, apply a suitable spray, and hold it in place using a flat iron. Merely combing to adjust might seem like an easier option but it is less efficient.

How to Maintain Your Closure Wig

Compared to a frontal wig, maintaining a closure wig comes with less stress, hence it is ideal for sportswomen. Maintenance tips for closure include regular washing with a shampoo, conditioning, and air drying.

Avoid brushing your hair excessively because it pulls on the hair and weakens the closure. Ensure you are not rough with the hair and never sleep with your wig on. If you must, tie it carefully under a scarf to avoid tangling.


Given the opportunity to make a choice, a lot of women would choose frontal wigs over closure wigs. This is because frontals can be worn in different ways and laying down the baby hair adds more beauty to your look.

However, frontals are rather difficult to maintain leaving you with closures as the easy option. Closures do not only enhance the beauty of your human hair, they are very durable and offer protection to your natural hair.

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