All You Need to Know about Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

by James Aphu

What Are Pool Heat Pumps?

Pool Heat Pumps, or swimming pool heat pumps, are heating systems used in swimming pools to maintain a specific temperature. These devices exist in various types and are a great way of keeping a swimming pool at a conducive temperature through different seasons.

Evolution Of Pool Heat Pump

Pool heat pumps have evolved throughout the years. They were first introduced as oil and gas boilers; these devices were introduced to induce heat into a place like swimming pools or halls. They made use of natural gas as a source of power. The device faded with the introduction of a more efficient heat pump device, the electric heat pump. This device used electricity as a power source for the system, and it was more efficient than the oil and gas boilers. This device had some hiccups, which led to the introduction of a new device, the inverter heat pump.

The inverter heat pump uses the inverter technology allowing it to save energy while providing optimum performance. This gave it a higher efficiency than any of the heat pumps produced. This article focuses on everything you need to know about inverter pool heat pumps, ranging from their components and how they work to the uses of these pool heating pumps. The best inverter pool heat pumps are available at

How Inverter Pool Heat Pump Works

Inverter Pool Heat Pumps comprises four vital parts: compressor, condenser, extraction valve, and evaporator; an inverter, a fan or blower, and a refrigerant. All these components work together to complete the refrigerant cycle. This is a cycle where refrigerant travels through all heat pump system components, experiencing a change in state, temperature, and pressure to produce a heating effect of the heat pump device.

Uses Of Inverter Heat Pumps

  1. For swimming pools: This is the major use of these devices, as they are ideal for heating pools to maintain a standard, suitable, and conducive swimming temperature for pools.
  2. For Halls/Rooms: This device is an ideal substitute for the thermostat or room heaters because they are more efficient and cost-effective. They function similarly to how they are used in swimming pools when used in rooms.

Benefits Of Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Various benefits of pool heat pumps make them unique and preferred to other heat systems available. These benefits are:

  1. Energy efficiency: Unlike other heating systems, inverter pool heat systems are more energy-efficient because inverter technology allows them to consume less energy while producing high heating effects.
  2. Cost-effective: Inverter heat pumps cost less to maintain, although they cost more to acquire. But, in the long run, the price is worth it because this device’s energy efficiency and energy-saving qualities mean that low energy consumption results in low costs. Hence, making it cost-effective.


Inverter pool heat pumps are the best swimming pool heat systems available today, and they are not only used in swimming pools but can be used in various environments. This article highlights fundamental details on this heating system.

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